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Which Font Should You Use on Your Resume

Which Font Should You Use on Your ResumeIndividuals who are writing their resumes are swamped with a variety of fonts to choose from, including italic fonts, fonts with fancy curlicues and plain block fonts. Added to that confusion, the font size has to be chosen and resume writers want to find that perfect font that will impress the recruiter but is easy to read. Since you expend enough effort writing your resume and searching job classifieds, you dont need to stress over what font to use. By using the following tips for the worst and best fonts to use, you can find an appropriate font to use for your resume and spend more time concentrating on that perfect content. googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display(div-gpt-ad-1467144145037-0) ) CalibriCalibri may be a good choice for a resume for several reasons. It isnt as commonly used as Arial and using Calibri 12-point will give you an easily read resume that is nicely laid out. Since a good-looking resume is your aim, Calibri ma y be a good choice.RELATEDRevamp Your Resume How to Choose FontsHelveticaHelvetica is a Swiss font that is highly favored by typographers and designers. Its clean lines and clarity can be found in a number of corporate logos, including Microsoft. While it comes with Mac, you will have to purchase it as an extra font to use with your Windows program.GeorgiaThis is a traditional looking font and a good change from Times New Roman, which has been overused. Georgia gets a high score for readability, and it was designed to be read on a computer screen and works with both Windows and Mac.GaramondAnother good alternative to Times New Roman, Garamond looks like a classic style with a modern edge to it. It also lets you fit more onto a page without looking like the text is forced into too small a space. Garamond is definitely a good choice for a resume.CambriaIf you have Word, you may have noticed that Cambria is one of the fonts included with the program. Cambria is another font that was de signed to be easily read on a computer screen and because of the letter construction, it works well for both printed and online resumes.Gill SansThis English font has been around for many years but was rediscovered and became popular again around 2000. The classic yet modern styling looks good in a resume and is available for Mac OS X and offers several versions in Microsoft Word.Times New RomanThis font is commonly used, but there are reasons to steer clear from it on a resume. One reason is that so many other people use it. Because they do, it wont stand out from the rest of the applications. Thats reason enough to not use it. In addition, it can be difficult to read when you use a smaller type size.CourierSince Courier was designed to look like you typed it, that is reason enough to stay away from it. In addition, because of its monospacing, it can look a little strange when reading it since all the letters are spaced equally.comicstrip SansUnless you are applying for a job with a comic book company, leave Comic Sans to use another time. Comic Sans falls into the flashy, over-the-top category you should stay away from.Brush ScriptScript is a no-no to start with, but Brush Script is the worst. This font, designed in 1942, is sadly out of date compared to many other fonts and may date you as well if you use it.Choosing the right font can be an important consideration when writing a resume since you want your resume to look neat and easily readable without being too flashy. Searching for a job itself also requires consideration and there are numerous ways to conduct a job search such as checking out daily job ads. TheJobNetwork does the work for you, freeing your time for other pursuits while you search. After you fill out a list of your job interests and qualifications, TheJobNetwork goes to work around the clock to find job listings that might interest you and sends them to you as email alerts. Sign up with TheJobNetwork to get started.

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Five Tips to Nailing Your Cover Letter Opening Statement - Jobscan Blog

Five Tips to Nailing Yur Cover Letter Opening Statement - Jobscan BlogPosted on September 19, 2016November 5, 2018 by James Hu Writing a great titelblatt letter opening statement is important. It encapsulates who you are and describes what value you can bring to the company. It encourages the hiring manager to read the rest of your deckblatt letter. Make koranvers your opening statement is persuasive and memorable with these five tips.1. Dont be generic or obviousSome of the worst titelblatt letter opening statements arent specific. Dont write To Whom It May Concern, but actually figure out who is doing the hiring for the position and write specifically to that person. You also dont want to include any generic formalities or waste space by writing obvious statements. These can beMy name is I am writing to express my interestI have also enclosed my resume2. Replace generic opening statements with dynamic onesAll of the best examples replace generic, non-specific phrasing with a shor t description of who you are or reasons youre excited by the companys opening. Try these examplesIm a dynamic educator with six years of experience teaching fourth grade math and science.As the social media manager for _____, I have implemented new tactics that have increased our Twitter followers by 10 percent.I was excited to see a position open at _____ because your work with low-income families has long been an inspiration to me.3. Create a natural segue between the opening statement and the introductionYour opening statement should flow easily into the rest of the opening paragraph. To improve flow, your opening statement should be as concise as possible. Remember, dont write out your entire life history or work experience. Instead, make sure that youre answering these questionsWho are you? Where have youve worked?What are your major accomplishments?How can you succeed at the company?4. Learn to write an email cover letterIncreasingly, a modern cover letter is sent via email. I f youre in IT, for example, you always want to write a cover letter email. To nail the email cover letter opening, keep your first paragraph limited to under 150 words. This opening should hook the reader by detailing your abilities.5. Tailor the opening statement by matching keywordsYou want your opening statement to fit the job description exactly. Use Jobscanto learn which keywords are most important to the job listing and incorporate them into your cover letter. This will catch the hiring managers eye as well as helping you increase your chances of becoming a search result in an applicant tracking system.Jobscan Premium even has a cover letter scan option for specific cover letter checks. Also be sure to download these cover letter templates to see successful versions of cover letter opening statements. Check out Jobscans cover letter writing guide.HAVE TWO MINUTES?Learn how Jobscan can optimize your resume for the tech used by most recruiters.How to Scan a Resume with Jobscan ( 208)Explore the Resume Match Report (223)???Full text tutorialGet your own reportFacebook Commentswpdevar_comment_1 span,wpdevar_comment_1 iframewidth100% important

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Tied up for Fathers Day

Tied up for Fathers Day Tied up for Fathers DayPosted October 13, 2011, by Darryn King Be honest. Did you get your dad a tie for Fathers Day? According to the studies, fewer and fewer men are wearing ties, especially in the workplace. Few people are convinced by the old notion that you do your best work when dressed formally, and there is no evidence that an uncomfortable worker is a good worker. The tie simply no longer conveys the impression of authority and respectability it once did. Power, after all, should be being able to wear whatever you want, rather than dumbly subscribing to a tradition of business attire we Australians inherited from a much cooler climate. What other item of clothing is as plainly useless as the necktie. A belt keeps your pants up a hat keeps the sun off your head and a scarf helps to keep you warm but if humans were ever visited by extraterrestrial intelligence, wed have a pretty hard time explaining the function of a tie. Uh, its a strip of fabric that well, it hangs from your collar and well, um, . Whats the point? It would be quite convenient if it doubled up as a bib or handkerchief but adult men wearing bibs may not catch on with the general public. And speaking of things catching on, is there any other fashion accessory that seems specifically designed for accidental strangulation? Sure, you can undo the top button of your shirt (you rebel, you), but its not going to help when your tie gets caught in the industrial-strength paper shredder. Sure, this is an extreme case but theres still something just a little unnerving about self-imposed vascular constriction. The daily ritual of knotting something around your own neck has unfortunate noose-like connotations (though depending on how you feel about your job, this may have some merit). Say what you will about that other beloved Fathers Day gift, the humble pair of socks, but theyre clearly the better option. They keep your feet clean, warm and comfortable, ease chafing and s top your sneakers from stinking to high heaven. So this Fathers Day, ditch the tie and go for socks. ResourcesMy first resumeCover letter for my first jobCareer Insider StoriesShelley Lask - Body Positive Health & FitnessInterested in becoming a?philanthropisch Resources OfficerGeneral ManagerBusiness ManagerAccountantOffice Administrator CoursesBachelor of Social WorkEnquire Online Enquire OnlineCertificate III in Health AdministrationEnquire Online Enquire OnlineBachelor of Criminal JusticeEnquire Online Enquire OnlineCertificate III in Allied Health AssistanceEnquire Online Enquire OnlineDarryn KingRelated ArticlesBrowse moreBeauty TherapyCAREER ADVICEBreaking Into The Business of Beauty 7 Tips for Making It On Your OwnIf youre excited about the thought of breaking into the glamorous beauty industry but arent quite sure where to start, these tips will get you on the right track.WORKFORCE TRENDSWarning skills shortages aheadAustralias skills shortage crisis is expected to intensif y in the coming months and years, resulting in major gaps in the workforce in a sortiment of occupations and industries.The great media debate would you pay for online news?If you love nothing more than to start your day sipping your latte and perusing the mornings headlines from various free online news sites, you better enjoy it while you still can because the way you access news online is about to change forever.

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5 Ways CFOs Can Provide Strategic Guidance

5 Ways CFOs Can Provide Strategic Guidance5 Ways CFOs Can Provide Strategic GuidanceAs the economy gains speed, finance leaders find themselves at the center of the action Theyre the key players in designing strategic growth agendas to lead their organizations toward more fiscally sound futures. What best practices are todays financial leaders adopting?In Finance with Foresight, a white paper from Robert Half Management Resources, more than 200 finance executives in the United Kingdom shared how they deliver strategic guidance and use critical thinking to make top-level, wide-reaching decisions that can boost the bottom line. While the research is UK-based, it is widely applicable to North American organizations.Here are five tips weve distilled from the report to help you and your finance team offer more targeted strategic guidance for your organization.1. Get the mainboard on boardStrategic guidance isnt worth much if it falls on deaf ears and isnt implemented. After all, the goal of strategic thinking initiatives is to solve fiscal problems for management and the companys board of directors. To accomplish this task, youll need to make a clear and compelling argument when presenting ideas to key stakeholders.If you are proposing the company invest in a new financial system, for example, explain how your ideas can help your company run more efficiently, save money and achieve better results. While businesses commonly rely on Excel for business reporting, you may recommend other complementary high-tech tools, such as predictive analytics or data visualization software that could add greater value. Additionally, increasingly popular cloud technology offer real-time reporting, allowing finance managers to seamlessly and securely build reports.2. Master the art of staff managementDay-to-day tasks and long-term business planning are miles apart, so focus on these goals separately within your finance department. You will never find time to concentrate on strategic t hinking if your team cant handle their daily responsibilities as autonomously as possible. This is why its essential to maximize each employees befhigung by delegating duties according to each members individual strengths and skill set.Similarly, encourage career development and make it part of your corporate culture. Leadership training, for example, doesnt just groom future managers, it also boosts creativity, motivation and engagement among your workforce.Your team needs all the pieces of the finance puzzle to function successfully, and every member needs to understand business operations in order to improve them. So promote comprehensive employee onboarding practices, rigorous training sessions and solid mentoring programs. Only then will you and your staff have the time and know-how to tackle long-term business planning.3. Maximize data captureIn order to get an edge in the market and capitalize on industry trends, finance executives need access to a wide range of data from a b road spectrum of sources. In Finance with Foresight, nearly half of respondents (49 percent) said their function should be proactive when it comes to identifying the right tools to extract maximum insight from data.Its important for finance executives to take the lead with testing data-harnessing tools and implementing better data-capture systems. Also, by housing all of the data generated across all business functions in one place, you will ensure data analysis is more accurate and accessible.4. Take the lead on experimentationStrategic thinking, by definition, includes coming up with business insights not previously considered. Yet these groundbreaking solutions will never be heard if finance leaders are not bold enough to propose them.As a finance executive, its important to take the lead on experimentation and adoption of new technologies or delegate a manager to champion these solutions across the business. When taking the helm on these experimental projects, be prepared to ini tiate difficult conversations about whether or not business tools will add value to the finance function. For example, explaining a software package youve been licensing for years isnt as good as a new one can be difficult - but it is an essential step toward honing your strategic guidance skills.5. Rethink recruitment and retentionAs accounting and finance professionals toolboxes grow heavier, highly skilled talent is in significant demand. In this environment, its essential to vet your future employees not only for technical prowess but also for nontechnical skills, as they will work with colleagues and upper management across the business. As strategic guidance becomes increasingly data driven, you should also pinpoint employees with business analytics skills and the ability to interpret data trends.Lastly, because demand for skilled employees exceeds supply, its imperative to do everything in your power to retain top talent. Your goal should be to groom future leaders who will become part of your succession plan. By revisiting their compensation regularly and offering opportunities for advancement, you can increase engagement and foster loyalty among your team.VISIT THE SALARY CENTERFor comprehensive results and additional insights on the research, request your copy of Finance with Foresight. Findings specific to small businesses also are highlighted in the infographic below.

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HR Block Career and Employment Information

HR lager Career and Employment InformationHR Block Career and Employment InformationAre you interested in a career as a tax professional, or possibly a tax bro support job or corporate position? HR Block is the worlds largest tax services provider and a fully-integrated financial services company, operating more than 13,000 offices worldwide. You can find HR Block career and employment information online to help you determine if they offer the right career choice for you. Company Overview HR Block was founded in 1955 by brothers Henry and Richard Bloch. Their principal mission was to look at life through tax, and help people with preparing their taxes for the maximum refund. Today, they have prepared over 720 million tax returns, and have offices in all U.S. states, U.S. territories, and on U.S. military bases worldwide. They are industry leaders due to their cutting-edge innovation and advanced technology. HR Block Job Options HR Block hires both full-time year-round and tem porary employees for tax season. Over 80,000 tax professionals work at corporate headquarters and at local offices throughout the United States. Jobs are continuously available, and thousands of seasonal employees are added during the busy tax season. Office positions include tax professional, office leader, and tax office support. Tax operations field management jobs include district, regional, and divisional leadership roles. Corporate positions are available in information technology, retail sales, field management, client service and support, communications, financial services, government relations, human resources, legal, and marketing. HR Block looks for candidates with effective communication skills, ability to grow business, interpersonal skills, and the ability to work a flexible schedule. Successful completion of the HR Block Income Tax Course or Tax Knowledge Assessment will qualify you for consideration for certain career opportunities. For administration jobs, preferred qualifications are one year of clerical or administrative experience, one year of HR Block tax office experience or quality control experience, good reading and math skills, strong verbal and written communication skills. Income Tax Preparation Class If youre interested in a job working as a tax preparer, HR Block offers a course to teach you everything youll need to know, from tax theory and ethics to real world tax preparation. Youll earn HR Block certification, a certificate of completion, and qualifying education hours. After you complete the course, you may be invited to interview for a position with HR Block. The class is offered online in English and Spanish. Fees vary based on location. If you have experience, you can take the Tax Knowledge Assessment before you sign up to determine your skill level and if you need to take the class. Seasonal Positions Temporary tax season jobs offer flexible hours, the opportunity to utilize and gain professional experience, and to learn new skills in both tax and support roles. Seasonal tax preparer responsibilities include conducting tax interviews, preparing tax returns, ensuring client confidentiality and privacy, increasing client retention, and offering additional products and services. Seasonal office position responsibilities include greeting clients in a personalized, friendly and inviting manner, matching clients with tax professionals, scheduling, maintaining office cleanliness, and overseeing office organization. Career Opportunities Job searchers can find out what HR Block has to offer them in two ways. First, by enrolling in their Talent Community, which provides updates to candidates on jobs, events, and news at HR Block. Youll receive information on hiring events and job fairs you can participate in. They will also send you notifications of job postings that fit your criteria and seem to be a match for your qualifications. Secondly, applicants can search for job opportunities, find local j obs, and apply online for both office and corporate jobs. Just select your job title, category or keywords, and your location, and you will find a variety of employment options. Create an online profile to store your resume for easy application when you find interesting positions. HR Block Employee Benefits HR Block offers a variety of benefits to full-time employees including health and wellness benefits like medical, dental, vision, health savings, flex spending, and life insurance. Additional benefits include adoption assistance, domestic partner coverage, an employee stock purchase plan, retirement plan, vacation, and tuition assistance. Depending on eligibility, part-time employees may be able to enroll in medical coverage and retirement plans, and receive employee discounts. Read More How to Find a Seasonal Job Temporary Tax Season Jobs

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Stop worrying about your first impression

Stop worrying about yur first impressionStop worrying about your first impressionYou never get a second chance to make a first impression.Ive always struggled with this truism.I know, people are judgmental - it takes only seven seconds to form an opinion about someone you just met. We all tend to judge books by their covers. First impressions are hard to change according to research. But thats just one side of the story (mora on this later).Studies show that we make snap judgments about other people. 80% of first impressions are based on two subconscious questions Can I trust this person? Is this person capable?Both you and the other party are simultaneously assessing each other.However, theres something wrong with this self-help advice - it encourages us to seek others approval rather than self-acceptance. Also, its an invitation to play it safe - if you make a mistake, you are screwed up for life. Thats intrinsically bad.Lets challenge this truism together.Stop trying to be like dYou dont worry about being liked. You have to be yourself. - Vince VaughnThe problem with modern self-help is that it oversimplifies life. By offering shortcuts, we forget to follow our own path.Charles Chu wrote a brilliant post on bad self-help.Two things caught my attention about what he coined the myth of perfect perfectibility. Bad self-help tells you that its your fault when you fail miserably. Also, it creates fairy tales with random scientific evidence.The magical thinkers want you to follow their advice blindly.Self-help truisms create false expectation - we expect life to be perfect and stop appreciating who we are. As Chu explains We are more likely to sacrifice the present (which is imperfect, impermanent) for an ideal future that is unlikely to come.You dont need to create an impression.You shouldnt expect people to like you either. Looking for external approval is why most people censor their best-selves. That our society rewards predictability over originality doesn t mean you have to follow the same pattern.Dont live your life trying to please everyone. Youd most probably disappoint everyone including yourselfBilly Joel wrote Dont go changing to try and please me. You never let me down before. Dont go trying some new fashion. Dont change the color of your hair.Whats the point of acing a job interview at the expense of leaving your soul at home? Do you want to work for a company that expects you to betray your values? Do you want someone to fall in love with you because he/she believes you are someone you are not?Some people believe that creating a first impression is an art. That you can follow 5-steps and will succeed - all you need is to display high self-confidence, they tell you.Self-esteem is a dangerous trap - by trying to please others, you end up deceiving yourself too. It invites you to seek for external appreciation rather than being authentic. It encourages you to measure yourself by your appearance instead of being honest.You jus t need to be you.The above is not advice, but an invitation.Authenticity is the best thing you can bring to the world. Whether its a job interview, a date, or meeting someone on the street. Dont try to create a perfect image by becoming someone you are not.Your second impressionResults Why, man, I have gotten a lot of results I know several thousand things that wont work. - Thomas EdisonLife is anything but certain - theres no proven formula to how you should live yours. Life requires experimenting and doing things for the first time every day. You will fail, you will make mistakes, and feel sorry about it.The good nachrichten is that you can recover. Tomorrow is your second opportunity you can always try things again.Educators described Thomas Edison as addled. He spent a few months in a formal classroom before being taken out of school and educated by his mother.It took him many attempts to create a practical light bulb. Edison didnt care about the impression - thats why he kep t trying and trying.Treating every first opportunity as a life-or-death situation will do you no good - the first impression trap limits your potential. By trying to be right, you will censor your creativity and spontaneity - liberate your personal touch.You can let your first impression define you. Or you can choose to define yourself by the longer-lasting impact of your craft.Oprah Winfrey was fired early on in her career because she was unfit for television news. Walt Disney lost his job for not being creative enough. Jerry Seinfeld was fired from his first job after giving a performance the producers felt was uninspiring.A first, second impression can improve a not-so-good first impression. Life gives us second chances its up to you keep trying. Those who overcame initial failure was because they followed the authenticity route. Rather than trying to please others they kept bringing their best-self every day.Whats the point of pretending to be someone you are not? Whats the pu rpose of hiding your true self just to land a new job?Most of the frustrations in the workplace are rooted in the lies told during the interview process. Both candidates and employers are so worried about making a good impression that they end up showing fake versions.If you fake it, people will soon realize it.When the truth hits the fan, everyone feels deceived. Either they need to continue faking or become honest about not being as perfect as they pretended to be during the interview process.Coaching teams, I have to deal with a lot of unbroken promises - kickstarting any relationship with honesty saves a lot of headaches down the road. I personally reject candidates that are too perfect - I prefer vulnerability and candor over people acting like robots.Im also very candid when interviewing someone to take on a tough challenge. I want to avoid future frustrations but also, to make sure Im hiring the right person to take on a grave situation.You dont need to fake it until you ma ke it. Continue making what you are good at until others notice it. Thats the most important impression you should care about.- - - The world is suffering from a narcissistic epidemia. We dont need more fake people.Unless you are committed to pretending to be someone you are not forever - letting go of being authentic is a steep price just to conquer someone elses appreciation.If something goes wrong on your first date, you can always course correct. Apologize, ask for another chance, try with other people, but never give up. Making mistakes is how we learn and improve our act.Trying to look perfect to be accepted by others will only add more strain to your life. Bring your authentic self to every first encounter.If something goes wrong, you always have a first chance to make a second impression.Call to actionDownload my free ebook Stretch Your Mind, a compilation of exercises to grow beyond your comfort zone, one stretch at a time.Thisarticlefirst appeared on Medium.

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15 Awesome Companies Hiring for Technical Roles

15 Awesome Companies Hiring for Technical Roles15 Awesome Companies Hiring for Technical Roles If you work in a technical field, you probably already know how in-demand your skill set is. With nearly every company becoming a tech company, there is an ever-increasing need for those who can analyze data, build software, optimize operations and more. While this is great news in terms of job security and compensation , it can make the job search a bit intimidating. With so many options out there, where do you abflug?Dont worry - were here to help. Weve rounded up a list of 15 exciting companies that are hiring for a multitude of different technical roles. Whether youre a software engineer, data analyst or IT professional, youre bound to find a company thats looking for someone just like you.Where Hiring Brookfield, WI Olive Branch, MS Atlanta, GA & moreWhat Roles Manufacturing Engineer, Project Leader, Forecasting Analyst, Vice President Operations, Sr. Electrical En gineer & moreWhat People Say Great overall compensation. Cool fringe benefits. Competitive salary. Managers who care. Great culture. - Current Principal EngineerWhere Hiring Bothell, WA Colorado Springs, CO Nashville, TN Andover, MA San Diego, CA & moreWhat Roles Human Factors Engineer, Data Scientist, Validation & Verification Engineer, BI Data Analyst, Quality Engineer & moreWhat People Say Creative environment, excellent work/life balance, great pay and benefits. - Former Digital Marketing ManagerWhere Hiring Herndon, VA Ann Arbor, MI remote for certain positionsWhat Roles Product Manager, Developer, Senior Accessibility Consultant, Senior Product Developer JavaScript, Senior Product Developer Java & moreWhat People Say Everyone at Deque believes in the mission of Digital Equality. The people are awesome, coming to work is like coming to a second home. There is also a collection of experts in intrinsically valuable fields that is second to none and theyre always willin g to share and mentor. - Current Software EngineerWhere Hiring McLean, VA Blythewood, SC New Orleans, LA New York, NY Tampa, FL & moreWhat Roles Professional Business Analyst, DevOps Engineer, Sales Operations Analyst, weltumspannend Director Digital Operations, Security Engineer & moreWhat People Say Good People. Innovative Team. Work From Home. Work Life Balance is great. Professional People environment. - Current Procurement ManagerWhere Hiring Santa Ana, CA Stafford Springs, CT Salem, NH Syracuse, NY Chippewa Falls, WI & moreWhat Roles IT Programmer Analyst, Sr. RF/Microwave Design Engineer, Manager of Planning and Analytics, Field Application Engineer, Process Engineering Manager & moreWhat People Say TTM is a great company to work for, they have opportunities for growth, they strive to keep their employees educated. TTM management team is great to work for and they understand that family is first and they are willing to work with you. - Current EmployeeWhere Hiring Mountain View, CA South San Francisco, CA Phoenix, AZWhat Roles Scientist Bioanalytical Sciences, Senior Product Manager Clinical Trials, Biostatistician, Clinical Laboratory Data Architect, IT Technical Lead & moreWhat People Say 23andMe really does believe in its mission of making the human genome accessible and useful to everyone, and it really cares about the diversity and well-being of its employees. The leadership is as transparent as it can be about the direction of the company, and actually listens to its employees. - Current Operations SpecialistWhere Hiring Los Angeles, CA New York, NY San Francisco, CA Seattle, WAWhat Roles Software Engineer Android, Financial Analyst, Software Engineer Machine Learning, Lead Acoustics Engineer, Product Designer & moreWhat People Say Pros Ability to make an impact big or small. Tons of development opportunities. Benefits are amazing. Lots of interesting events every day. Investment in current employees skill set. FOOD - Current Program ManagerWhat Roles Product Manager, Digital Analyst, Sr. Full Stack Developer, Back End Engineer Java Focused, Quality Assurance Automation Engineer & moreWhat People Say A very agile culture with great energy and a strong sense of mission. There is a lot of innovation happening in all parts of the company. Much more often than not, management is not only receptive to initiative, they invite it. If you have something to contribute and know how to navigate the place, chances are your ideas will be implemented. - Current EmployeeWhere Hiring Herndon, VA Fort Meade, MD Beavercreek, OH Colorado Springs, CO Houston, TX & moreWhat Roles Systems Administrator, Software QA Engineer, Information Security Analyst, Engineering Technician, Clinical Data Specialist & moreWhat People Say Great environment and people, flexible and rewarding work. - Current EmployeeWhere Hiring Natick, MA Novi, MI Torrance, CAWhat Roles C++ Software Engineer Model Based Design, Senior Technical Writer Automotive Products, Senior Software Security Engineer, Principal Pricing Analyst, Aerospace Software Engineer & moreWhat People Say Pros Lots of smart people people are generally very nice and not pretentious privately held company invests in itself people and facilities great social mission great health insurance quarterly profit sharing. - Current Senior Software EngineerWhere Hiring Belmont, CA Austin, TX Chicago, IL Charlotte, NC Denver, CO & moreWhat Roles Technical Lead Software Engineering, Systems Architect, Sr Analyst/ Manager Sales Operations, Lead QoS Engineer, SalesForce Developer & moreWhat People Say Work environment is top notch, fast paced, goal oriented, rewarding place to have a career. - Current Principal EngineerWhat Roles UI Developer Equity Risk, KDB Engineer, QA MALT, Senior Data Engineer Market Data Technology, WQ Aligned Senior Infrastructure Engineer & moreWhat People Say The people here are brilliant and come from the best firms acros s the street, yet everybody is thoughtful and approachable. Millennium is on the cutting edge of almost every area in hedge fund investing, so the problems you get to work on are both challenging and rewarding. - Current EmployeeWhere Hiring Chicago, IL San Francisco, CA Boston, MA Charlotte, NCWhat Roles Cloud Services Manager Cloud Onboarding, Senior Python Engineer, UX Designer, Technical Consultant RAVN AI, Sales Engineer & moreWhat People Say iManage has created a culture that fosters exceptional teamwork amongst its employees, which I find rare in the modern workforce. Small perks like free food and beverages are a plenty, although this isnt Google. Culture isnt a work from sun up until sundown place. You can definitely just work 9 to 5 if you produce exceptional work in those hours. - Former EmployeeWhere Hiring Annapolis Junction, MDWhat Roles Senior Analytics Expert, Cloud Software Engineer, Systems Engineer, Senior Computer Forensic & Intrusion Analyst, Informatio n Systems Security Officer & moreWhat People Say Ive been with CyberCore for almost 3 years and they have been very supportive and helpful in my career advancement and educational pursuits. - Current EmployeeWhere Hiring Boston, MA Pittsburgh, PA Troy, MI Kokomo, IN Warren, OH & moreWhat Roles Autonomous Vehicle Hardware Engineer, Functional Safety Engineer, Systems Engineer, Senior DevOps Engineer, Application Architect & moreWhat People Say Aptiv has a great position in the market and works on every aspect of the technology that will be required to get autonomous vehicles on the road. The company is full of smart, kind and reasonable individuals working at a team to solve customer challenges and bring new tech to the market, safely. - Former Employee